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HPP Service Technician Apprentice - 2015 - 517


Melvindale, MI, US

Company:  DTE Gas Company
Job ID:  517

Location:  Allen Road Service Center

Bidding Restriction:  12 Months

Job Summary


The Service Technician Apprentice classification requires that an employee shall be able to perform the following described duties:



Key Accountabilities


The installation of appliances such as water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, humidifiers, other installations as required and establishing gas incidental to the installation and operation of appliances.

Other responsibilities include:

- Cutting, threading and connecting piping and tubing incidental to the repair

- Installation or relocation of all appliances and meters

- Starting and re-lighting all residential and commercial appliances having hourly inputs of less than 400,000 BTU including:

- Space heating

- Adjusting, converting and repairing all residential and commercial appliances having hourly inputs of less than 400,000 BTU

  - Install parts when necessary, changing, turning off, setting and removing all meters  except industrial, including space heating meters

- Shall demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the rules and procedures


The employee must pass a subsequent examination on the duties within this classification, and perform the duties assigned under this classification for a total of one hundred eighty (180) days to qualify as a HPP Service Technician Apprentice.

An employee who has qualified as a HPP Service Technician Apprentice and, thereafter, has performed the duties of such classification for sixty (60) months, (including the three hundred sixty-five (365) day qualification period) and has been rated as qualified at the semi-annual rating next preceding the expiration date of such sixty (60) month period, shall advance to the Service Technician classification. When an employee has been rated as not qualified at such semi-annual rating preceding such expiration date, he/she will have the opportunity for advanced assignment to the Service Technician classification at the expiration of the next semi-annual period at which the employee has been rated as qualified.




- Must have a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

- Must have 3 to 5 years demonstrated HVAC experience.

- Must complete DOT Drug Test, respirator fit test and satisfactory physical examination.

- Required to pass a heating and cooling test.

- Must receive a “recommended” on the Field Service Examination. 

Nearest Major Market: Detroit